Please contact one of the following individuals to review the technical requirements of your project or to request a formal quotation from Renesco.

Stefan Lemke

Mr. Stefan Lemke
CEO Renesco Group


Alejandro Jäger

Mr. Alejandro Jäger
CFO Renesco Group


Andreas Heizmann

Mr. Andreas Heizmann
General Manager Renesco GmbH/
Marti Geotechnik (Germany)


Elmar Sutter

Mr. Elmar Sutter
Area Manager Renesco AG (Switzerland)


Tim Kearney

Mr. Tim Kearney
Vice President, Operations/
Project Management
Renesco North America

Giovanna Lilliu

Ms. Giovanna Lilliu
Renesco Hydraulic Structures

Werner Neuwirth

Mr. Werner Neuwirth
Team Manager Waterproofing
Renesco GmbH/ Austria

Branislav Dlesk

Mr. Branislav Dlesk
Area Manager Slovakia/Czech

Ms. Eneritz Ochoa
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