Marti Geotechnik provides a full range of specialised application services in underground constructions, which implements

  • All kind of Chemical and Cementitious Grouting/Injection Works
  • Compensation, permeation and contact grouting, ground stabilization
  • Curtain injection, injections into hard and unconsolidated rock
  • Pre-compression grouting in high-pressure galleries
  • Specialised drilling services
  • Controlling, monitoring and data management
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With retroactive effect from 1 January 2017 Marti Geotechnik GmbH was merged into Renesco GmbH and is operating as a department inside the Renesco Group. The company is headquartered in Germany.

With our collaborative approach to business, we are able to provide spe­cia­lised technologies supported by worldwide knowledge and experience. You and your project can also profit from our performance capabilities.

Office address:
Renesco GmbH, Department Marti Geotechnik, Opelstrasse 1, 68789 St. Leon-Rot, Germany, Phone: +49 6227/ 877-440.

Injections & Grouting

Injections & Grouting

Injection and Grouting works have become a key essential part of temporary and permanent works in the fields of tunnelling and complex demanding construction projects.

Renesco brings all of Marti’s expertise together to create injection/grouting solutions for new construction, ground improvement, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

We provide a full range of specialist construction services in the fields of cementitious and chemical grouting with its integral package of product technology, equipment know-how and on-site practice. Expertise, many years of experience and state-of-the-art specialised equipment makes us competent for your job.

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Cementitious Grouting

Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during underground construction usually escalate costs, can have a negative influence on the environment/construction process, and inevitably cause significant delays.

Grouting with cementitious products including additives, hydraulic binders, expanders or wash-out admixtures, also used as suspension, are hereby often carried out as a specific measure to counteract these risks. Additional, they are used as an economical approach to a wide range of different application fields, wherein Renesco offers its service:

  • Grouting measures for compensation
  • Ground stabilization and permeation
  • Contact grouting (e.g. roof gap/ annulus gap)
  • Curtain grouting (e.g. in the construction of dams)
  • Grout Sealing to prevent water inflow in tunnel and shaft construction
  • Stabilisation and sealing of fault zones in the rock mass
  • Compaction grouting to increase the load bearing capacity of the subsoil
  • Passive pre-stressing of concrete inner shells
  • Investigation of water permeability in rock (Lugeon test)
  • Segment backing between sheet waterproofing and concrete inner-shell
  • Cavity filling

Some specific assignment of these measures, for example to meet mechanical or hydrogeological characteristics, necessitates the knowledge of various ground parameters, like the stress-strain behaviour. The in-time-evaluation of these parameters in combination with surveillance and the ground reaction could be of essential.

Tunnel Oberau (D) – Compensation Grouting

Løvstakken Tunnel (NO) – Pre-grouting

Chemical Injection/Grouting

Chemical injections or grouting are often use for the repair of structures, concrete elements or sealing components, where fast-reaction is necessary. The range can varies from a convenient one-component resin for small water sealing jobs to specialist robust multi-component systems to effectively stop massive water ingress problems.

Many of the products for preventing water ingress can be adjusted on site to give varying performance properties to suit the conditions using different accelerators, which requires a high demand on experience, material know-how and equipment technology from the specialised applicator. Additional requirements on health/safety and durability aspects have to be considered. Renesco offer its service in a wide range of application fields, like:

  • All kind of injection by use of acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy and silicate resin for waterproofing of underground structures (e.g. tunnels, caverns, shafts, dams, etc.) against moisture and pressurised water
  • Field injection, compartment injection in connection with waterproof lining systems
  • Crack Sealing and Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Crack injection according to ZTV-Riss (German standard)
  • Ground consolidation and stabilisation
  • Water stopping, Water sealing and permeation
  • Cavity Filling

BIM in tunnel construction: Digital injection management

Hybrid grouting/injection

Application of polymer stabilized cementitious grouting suspension

Ritom Pumped-Storage Plant Project – Tunneling under extreme conditions

Innovative and computerized application of polymer stabilized cement grouting is supporting the excavation process in a water-enriched environment of the pressure gallery. Such a hybrid – injected cement in combination with polyurethane resin & accelerators – will give early strengthening, stabilizing and sealing of the ground – even with the presence of flowing water.

Automation of the injection process will allow for a controlled application – a variable addition of resin during the injection in particular and consequently a controlled fast in-situ reaction time depending on hydrogeological conditions. Extreme water-enriched fissures can be injected with hybrid grout before fine fissures will be closed by cement grout in only one injection process – finally, a flexible grout mixture during the whole injection process.

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Drilling Service

During the last five years Renesco has become a trusted international partner for the execution of specialised drilling works in combination with our grouting/injection technology…

  • for vertical, inclined and sub-horizontal drilling works
  • in soil or rock
  • wide range of specialised drilling equipment
  • cuff-like pipe drill holes of around 60 to 100m
  • inclinometer drill holes
  • anchor bolting in combination with water & frost protection
  • for dams, galleries, tunnels or basements


Quality Control


State of the art grouting control and reporting systems ensure and secure the quality of the grouting process in order to meet specific grouting criteria and required projects specific standards. The grout control system provides data record, processing and a comprehensible steering of the process even in case of variable ground conditions. Real time monitoring incorporates a high work flow of data acquisition, processing and visualization to enable in time decision making and steering of the construction. Renesco offers these components including a wide range of experience and expert know-how. uses cookies in order to improve your online experience. By continuing to use, you accept our cookie policy. Disclaimer