Hydraulic Structures

One of the keys in the field of hydraulic engineering is waterproofing, which is directly related to the durability and serviceability of the structure. Understanding of the cause of possible leakage, identification of the most efficient waterproofing configuration and its implementation/execution require specific competence and expertise. Detailed knowledge of all state-of-the-art waterproofing systems and materials is of upmost importance for selecting the most appropriate waterproofing solution.

As a Specialist Contractor for waterproofing geomembrane systems as well as for liquid-applied coatings, joint sealings, external waterstops, full face treatment of joints/cracks and all kind of grouting works, our competence is dedicated to rehabilitation and new construction of dams, canals, reservoirs, hydraulic pressure tunnels, and shafts, but also ponds, snow storage basins, potable water tanks, sprinkler tanks, sewers, and wastewater treatment plants.

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Materials & Systems

Exposed or covered polymeric geomembrane systems have been used at hydraulic structures as rehabilitation and mitigation technology for several decades. Since the layer is relatively thin at the same time extremely flexible in terms of absorbing settlements and deformations.

As a full-service provider, we support your project all along the way. From the planning, through material supply up to the professional installation of your sealing system.

To address the increasing demand for clean water, the challenge of water shortage and worldwide water pollution, stringent regulations and standards for water facilities have been implemented. Renesco is committed to valuable contributions with construction and refurbishment solutions to build water retaining structures better.

We are a frequently controlled certified installer operating under the strict German §19l WHG (Federal Water Act) for the installation of geosynthetics. Also, we are certified according to OENORM S 2078 for the installation of system components in landfills and hold the quality approval label from the German “Tunnel Sealing Association”.

Injection & Grouting

Injections are becoming increasingly indispensable as a structural measure in foundation engineering as well as in underground mining. The possibility of being able to influence the subsoil properties of soils and the ground-/rock structure with the goal to achieve an intended structural engineering concept opens important economic and technical perspectives.

Renesco provides a comprehensive range of construction services specializing in cementitious and chemical grouting. We offer a complete package that includes material technology, equipment know-how, digitalization, real-time monitoring, specific drilling works and on-site practice.

As a member of the Marti Group, Renesco benefits from the in-house expertise as a multidisciplinary organization with services ranging from small hydraulic engineering projects to build pumped storage schemes. This applies to planning and design as well as to construction itself.


The term drip shield referring the suspended PVC-coated polyester reinforced fabrics/membranes to be installed beneath the roof area to collect potential water drips from the crown, thus preventing from any leakage over the equipment and slabs.

The construction itself is an economical solution. The lining is fastened to a steel wire arched frame which is bolted into the stable rock and forms the theoretical profile. All fabrics are jointed together by thermal welding to guarantee a waterproof seal and stretched by PE ropes to give an aesthetical visual appearance. With the presence of manholes that opens with zippers or Velcro allowing for personal access for visual inspection of the cavern crown.

This system is used in various areas like underground structures, rock caverns, powerhouses, machine & transformer halls, or galleries.

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