Hydraulic Structures


Linthal (CH)

One of the keys in the field of Hydraulic Engineering is waterproofing, which is directly related to the durability and serviceability of the structure. Configuration of the leakage problem, identification of the most efficient waterproofing solution and its implementation/ execution require specific competence and expertise. Detailed knowledge of all state of the art waterproofing systems and materials is of upmost importance for selecting the most appropriate waterproofing solution.

As a Specialist Sub-Contractor for waterproofing geomembrane systems as well as for liquid-applied coatings, joint sealing and grouting works, our competence is dedicated to rehabilitation and new construction of dams, canals, reservoirs, water tanks, sewage, hydraulic tunnels and shafts.

We believe that innovation is of major importance and for this reason, we are constantly improving our methodologies. In addition, we consider that balance between human steered processes and automatization is the key to efficient, safe and successful completion of a project.

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