Tunnel Belchen (CH) – Fullautomatically installation via hot-melt process.

… is faced with very stringent requirements regarding national standards and application guidelines, safety aspects, system durability, exposure and stress conditions, demanding construction methods and sequences. In view to the overall system performance and the total cost management - the application itself in combination with quality, logistics, the appropriate choice of material and systems components, in-time approach and a collaborative hand-in-hand of the involved partners are the keys of success.

Today, operators request a service life for underground structures of 100+ years, but a lack of water tightness severely reduces the long-term durability of a tunnel structure and badly affects its planned use, as water ingress results in physical attack and deterioration of the concrete. Expensive repair works, damage, operational downtime and future maintenance are the results.

In this way, we combine formal knowledge with practical experience on the construction site and taking advantage of synergistic effects.

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